Honey and Hive Product Section

  1. Open: Two matching 454g (1lb) jars of light, medium or dark clear honey.
  2. Open: One 454g (1lb) jar of any type of honey that will be judged on aroma & flavour alone. The honey can be unfiltered. The jars to be wrapped in aluminium foil (provided by the Show organisers).
  3. Two matching 454g (1lb) jars of light clear honey.
  4. Two matching 454g (1lb) jars of medium clear honey.
  5. Two matching 454g (1lb) jars of dark clear honey.
  6. Two matching 454g (1lb) jars of creamed or soft set honey.
  7. Two matching 454 g (1lb) jars of naturally crystallised honey.
  8. Gift class: One 454g (1lb) jar of honey to be retained for distribution to a charitable organisation. Note: A label must be supplied for traceability. The label and tamper proof will be applied on after judging.
  1. Two 454g (1lb) jars of chunk honey. (Should contain approximately 50% capped comb (containing liquid honey)).
  2. Novice* class: Two matching 454g (1lb) jars of clear or creamed/crystallised honey.
  3. Six matching 454g (1lb) jars of honey (clear, naturally granulated, soft set or creamed)
  4. One piece of cut comb between 170 g (6 oz) and 227 g (8 oz) in weight.
  5. One shallow frame of honey suitable for extraction. (Must be displayed in a transparent bee-proof case).
  6. Six matching beeswax blocks between 25g and 30g.
  7. Three matching beeswax candles (not rolled), displayed erect (one may be lit, at the judge’s discretion).
  8. One bottle of dry mead.
  9. One bottle of sweet mead.
  10. One bottle of wine based on honey – please provide details of other ingredients.

Craft and Honey Cookery Section

  1. Open: Honey Cake – Made according to recipe in schedule.
  2. Open: Eight (8) Honey Sweets. Either provide recipe (which must use honey) or use recipe in schedule for honey fudge.
  3. Decorated sponge with theme of Beds Beekeepers Centenary – all decorations should be completely edible. Cake recipe must be displayed and must include honey as an ingredient. May be cut at Judge’s discretion.
  4. Six biscuits (made using honey) – recipe to be displayed.
  5. One 454g (1lb) jar of honey marmalade, recipe to be displayed.
  6. A Honey Label. A standard label of your own design, actual size, to fit on a standard 1lb jar produced in any medium to comply with current UK regulations to be displayed either flat or on an empty honey jar.
  7. Any Interesting or Instructive Exhibit related to bees or beekeeping (NOT including live bees).
  8. Two Decorative Beeswax Candles, made by rolling, colouring permitted, matching in all respects. One may be lit at the Judge’s discretion. No decoration other than beeswax permitted.
  9. A beeswax model.
  10. 2 Craft Display Class: Three different items which utilise bee products and show the skill of the exhibitor. Each to be displayed with a brief description.
  11. 29. Craft Class: A practical item made or invented by the exhibitor directly related to bees, beekeeping, or bee products. To be displayed with a brief explanation.
  12. A Limerick about bees or beekeeping.

Photographic and Microscopy Section (all photographs to be film or straight digital; maximum size A4)

  1. Photographic Class: A photograph with the subject “Pollination”.
  2. Photographic class: A macro or close-up photograph of a honeybees showing at least two castes of honeybees (at least two of: queen, worker and drone).
  3. Photographic Class: Black and white photograph of bees or beekeeping.
  4. One photomicrograph or macro print (in colour or black and white) with the subject of honey bee anatomy or pollen grains (brief description to be provided on an accompanying card)
  5. One Microscope slide 3”x 1” subject bee anatomy or pollen grains (brief description on slide label).

Junior/Student Section (Open to Beds BKA Student members – age to be stated)

  1. Three Cupcakes to be decorated with a bee themed design.
  2. One 454g (1lb) Jar of honey – entrant to have helped with the bees, extraction and bottling.
  3. A craft item with a bee, or beekeeping theme.

School or Home-Schooled Junior Classes

(Open to children attending full time education at schools or to groups or individuals being home-schooled).

In order to assist the judges please state the year group, or age of the entrant(s), and how many children contributed to the entry. Note: These classes are aimed at classes of school children to all get involved and contribute to the activity, but are open to individual or groups of home-schooled children.

Please provide a short explanation describing the subject matter and how the item was produced.

Class 39: School Class activity: Create a collage of drawings or pictures of bees and flowers created by the children. Note: This class is a for a group activity so please state how many children contributed and their age range.

Class 40: School Class activity: “Amazing things that I have learnt about bees.” Note: This class is a for a group activity so please state how many children contributed and their age range.