November 15, 2019


The Constitution of the Association is a broad framework which lays down its objectives, the procedures for General Meetings, for elections, for amendment of the Constitution, and for Executive Committee meetings. Clause 11 empowers an Annual General Meeting (AGM) to make Rules to govern the conduct of Committee meetings, to set out membership entitlements, and to regulate the financial management of the Association. Amendment of these Rules may be made by simple majority at any AGM, but by clause 7 of the Constitution any motion from an individual member proposing such an amendment must be submitted in writing to the Secretary by the preceding 1st January.

1. Committee Meetings.

The Secretary shall send to all Committee members a copy of the minutes of the previous meeting, giving at the same time at least seven days notice of the date, time and place of the next meeting and the agenda for it.  If the Chairman is unable to attend and the President is unable to take the chair, one of the members present shall be elected to act as chairman for any meeting.

2. Membership

There shall be four classes of member: Full Members, Honorary Members, Student Members, and Associate Members.

All classes of member will be entitled to:

  • (a) Receive a copy of the Yearbook and regular communication from the Association
  • (b) Attend Association events
  • (c) Borrow Association library items and Association equipment designated for loan
  • (d) Make purchases through the Association’s Bulk Trading Scheme

All classes of member aged sixteen or more will be entitled to:

  • (e) Attend and vote at the AGM and any Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).

Full, Honorary and Student Members aged eighteen or more will be entitled to:

  • Insurance cover against legal financial liability to third parties for personal injuries or damage to property arising from the member’s beekeeping activities or products, in accordance with the terms of the insurance policy arranged by the Association, which may be inspected on application to the Secretary.Note: The Association does not arrange insurance cover for members against injury loss or damage to themselves or their bees or equipment however arising.

Honorary Membership may be awarded by the AGM on the recommendation of the Committee to beekeepers who have rendered valuable and distinguished service to the craft in general or to the Association in particular.  Honorary membership is free.

Student Members are those under eighteen years of age, and those aged eighteen or more who are still in full-time education. Student Members under eighteen attending Association events must be accompanied and supervised by a parent or guardian who is an adult member. The parent or guardian must accept responsibility for the Student Member’s conduct, dress and safety in all situations relating to beekeeping.  Student Members pay a reduced subscription.

Associate Membership is open to all those who do not keep bees but wish to maintain a link with the activities of the Association.  Associate Members pay a reduced subscription.

Terms and conditions of membership of the Association: Members are required to behave reasonably and with respect towards other members of the Association and the general public in matters of beekeeping and Association business, and to comply with the rules and policies of the Association.

3. Subscriptions.

 The annual subscription for each class of member shall be reviewed and fixed for the next calendar year by the Executive Committee when it prepares the budget for that year. Any change shall be notified and explained in writing to all members by 30th November and reported to the next AGM or EGM.

Subscriptions to renew membership shall be due and payable on 1st January.

4. Financial Management of Assets and Accounts

4.1  The Association shall maintain close financial control, and retain sufficient funds to cover at least one year of forecast running costs, excluding purchase of goods for resale, in addition to reserves required to honour its specific defined future commitments, and to facilitate any long-term objectives of the Association, such as funding the purchase of a permanent base for its teaching activities.

4.2  The Treasurer shall be responsible for monitoring the observance of these rules and shall bring to the attention of the Executive Committee any non-compliance therewith.

4.3  The Treasurer shall present to each meeting of the Executive Committee a financial report summarising the income and expenditure since the beginning of the financial year, a comparison of actuals against budget with an explanation of any significant variances, a summary cash flow, closing bank balances, and details of any payments made since the previous meeting of the Committee in excess of £250.

4.4  The Treasurer’s prior approval is required for any member to commit the Association to any sum greater than £100. The Treasurer shall obtain the Committee’s prior approval before making or approving any commitment over £500, other than the purchase of goods for trading purposes where the Treasurer, jointly with the Trading Manager, may approve commitments up to £1500.

4.5  Each November  the Treasurer shall bring to the Committee for approval a budget for the following financial year.

4.6  The Association’s bank account shall be operated by the Treasurer. Those Committee members allowed to initiate or authorise online payments or sign cheques shall be any two of the Treasurer, the Secretary and any two other Committee members authorised from time to time by the Committee for that purpose. No authoriser shall process a payment or sign a cheque for which he or she is the payee or possible direct or indirect beneficiary.

4.7  Payments shall where possible be by online payment or by cheque if the recipient requests it, and a receipt obtained for all cash payments. Unless the matter is under dispute, payment shall be made within two weeks of the receipt of the invoice.

4.8  All income shall be recorded by the issue of a receipt by the person who initially receives the money on behalf of the Association.

4.9  All income shall be passed to the Treasurer with the issued receipt number within three weeks and banked within two weeks.

4.10  The Association shall have a current account for day-to-day working and at least one other interest bearing account. The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring that a substantial portion of the Association’s money is held in an interest bearing account and that the cleared funds in the current account shall not exceed £1000 for any period of time greater than one week.

4.11  The bank mandate shall stipulate that only one authorised signature is required to move money between Association accounts held within the same bank.

4.12  The Treasurer shall hold the paying-in book but stockists and other members of the Committee may also be issued with paying-in books.

4.13  The Treasurer shall pay expenses to members of the Association for expenditure properly incurred on behalf of the Association. The Association will exceptionally pay subsistence costs only when approved in advance by the Committee.

4.14  The Treasurer shall maintain a register of the fixed assets of the Association and arrange for at least one annual stocktaking of these assets.

4.15  The Treasurer shall bring to each AGM for approval the Audited Annual Report and Accounts for the year ended 31st December prior to that AGM. These shall be audited by an independent examiner and signed as representing a true and fair view of the assets and liabilities of the Association and of the income and expenditure of the Association for that period.

Version: January 2015