August 19, 2019

Bedfordshire Schools Art Competition 2018


Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association (Beds BKA) is a friendly and active group that promotes bees and beekeeping. Beds BKA has an ambition to increase interest, particularly of young people, in the craft. Every year the Association holds an annual honey show, with exhibits of the best honey, hive products (such as beeswax and candles) and crafts (including cookery using honey) from around the County. This year the show will be held at Woburn Abbey Gardens on 22nd September 2018. In addition to the show Beds BKA will be organising a honey festival where there will be a chance to talk to beekeepers, see equipment, attend talks, view a microscopy display, taste honey and see an observation hive.

As part of the Honey Festival we would like to invite schools in Bedfordshire to take part in a bee-themed art competition. The Competition Classes have been designed to engage interest by encouraging the students to research about bees and subsequently use their imagination to design and create an artwork. Students could work individually, or as teams, and each school will select one entry from each Competition Class to represent their school.

Each school in Bedfordshire that would like to take part should register their interest by 30th June 2018 (details in the rules). Each school can select one entry for each Competition Class to represent their school. The selected entries should be photographed and submitted by 1st August 2018 (details below). The photographs will be judged by a panel (panelists will be invited by Beds BKA). The panel will select the 10 best entries in each Competition Class as finalists. Schools will be notified if their entry has been selected for the final in early September 2018. Each finalist will be given two free entry to Woburn Abbey Gardens for 22nd September 2018, so that they can attend the final to be held as part of the Honey Festival. All finalists will need to arrange for their artwork to be displayed at Woburn on 22nd September 2018 (items can be staged on the prior to the judging). On the day of the honey festival, all visitors to the display of finalists artwork will have an opportunity to vote for their favourite in each Competition Class. All finalists will receive a certificate. A prize will be given to the winning entry in each Competition Class. Winners will be decided by the public vote.

Competition Classes

There will be two Competition Classes:

Competition Class 1:  Day in the Life of a Bee

For Key stage 2 and 3 students (maximum size A3):

Students should work either individually or collaboratively to create an illustration that shows the ‘Day in the Life of a Bee’. Students should investigate the busy life of a bee and how they visit flowers to collect pollen and nectar before carrying it back to the hive and turning the nectar into honey. Students can work in whichever media is most appropriate.

Competition Class 2: Bee Apocalypse

For Key stage 4 students (maximum size equivalent to A3 to be displayed either vertically (on a poster board) or horizontally (on a table):

‘Bee Apocalypse’. Bees are a vital part of our community. Investigate why bees are important and then create a final piece that communicates the significance of bees and the potential consequences of the loss of this valuable species to the human race. Students can use any media; painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, printmaking, textiles are all welcome!

Rules of the 2018 Bedfordshire Schools Art Competition in Association with Bedfordshire Beekeepers

  1. The competition is open to any school in Bedfordshire that registers with the nominated entries secretary of Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association (Beds BKA) by 30th June 2018 by sending the name and address of the school together with a contact name and an e-mail address to the Entries Secretary (Dave Corbett) at
  2. Each school should organise their own competition to select one artwork from each Competition Class to represent the school. If possible, each school should encourage students to learn more about bees and beekeeping.
  3. Once the artworks to represent the school have been selected, they should be photographed. The school should send the photos the entries secretary. The photographs can be sent by e-mail or post (please e-mail to request the address) to the entries secretary, Dave Corbett.
  4. Photographs of one artwork for each Competition Class per school should be sent to the entries secretary before the closing 1st August 2018.
  5. The submitted artworks will be judged by a panel invited by Bedfordshire Beekeepers Association. The panel will select 1o finalists from each class for display at the final, which will be held at Woburn Abbey Gardens on 22nd September 2018.
  6. Schools will be notified in early September 2018 if their entries have been selected for display at the final.
  7. Finalists will need to confirm that the entrant(s) or representatives from their school will be available to stage their artwork (as detailed in 8 below). For Competition Class 2 they will also need to state whether they need A3 space on a poster board or a horizontal table.
  8. The original artwork of the final 10 entries in each category must be displayed at Woburn Abbey Gardens on 22nd September 2018. The artworks can be staged between 1 pm and 5 pm on Friday 21st September 2018 or between 8 am and 10 am on Saturday 22nd September 2018. Staging on poster boards will require adhesive Velcro hooks to attach them to material poster boards.
  9. The best artwork will be voted for by the public on Saturday 22nd September 2018.
  10. In event of a tie a panel from Beds BKA organising team will determine the winner using tie break questions relating to beekeeping.
  11. By taking part in this competition the entrants agree that photographs of the finalists, representatives of the schools, and/or their artworks can be used for publicity purposes.
  12. Artworks cannot be removed until after the prize presentation, which will be approximately 3.30 pm on Saturday 22nd September 2018.
  13. The organisers reserve the right to modify these rules as appropriate. Their decision is final.
  14. The organisers will not be liable for any costs arising from loss or damage to any exhibits.

Entries Secretary: Dave Corbett, e-mail


Schools need to register their interest by 30th June 2018

Submission of the photographs of one entry from each class for each school closes: 1st August 2018

Finalists to be notified in early September

Honey Festival at Woburn Abbey Gardens: Saturday 22nd September 2018